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Speaker Outreach

Almost all nations depend on aerospace research, development and industry for their future well-being. Access to sufficient spectrum for the purpose of telemetering critical scientific and engineering data from aeronautical vehicles is crucial to all nations.

The ICTS Outreach Projects provides ICTS speakers at workshops, conferences, and face-to-face meeting to promote the visibility of Telemetry issues to the engineering and scientific communities world-wide. The ICTS speakers can inform the international flight test community of the allocation for aeronautical telemetry in your country, inform them of threats and encroachments to this vital resource, and seek their support to defend this allocation from encroachment anticipated at future WRCs.

In the past, we've had ICTS members present papers at technical conferences (Aero-India, European Test and Telemetry Conference (France), PACOM (USA), International Telemetry Conference (USA), South Africa International Aeronautical Symposium, SETE (Australia), European Telemetry Conference (Germany), and others). The International Consortium for Telemetry Spectrum would like to participate in international workshops, symposiums, conferences, and meeting in order to inform global aerospace research and development leaders, national frequency management authorities and political leaders about the importance of Aeronautical Telemetry to all of us.

If you would like to recommend an ICTS visit to a conference or meeting in your nation, please contact the ICTS as soon as possible!

Tim Chalfant
ICTS Outreach Project Chairman