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International Consortium for Telemetry Spectrum
Myron Hiram Nichols Award
Telemetry Spectrum
The 2023 Award was presented to:
Sastry Kompella (Nexcepta), Bryan George (Leidos), Marc Siriratsivawong (Leidos), Joseph Molnar (ITD NRL), and Eric Makara (ITD NRL)
For their 2023 ITC Paper:
“Toward Building a Common Operating Picture for Risk-Informed Spectrum Management”

ITC Proceedings are available at

The purpose of the Nichols award is to encourage more papers dealing with TELEMETRY SPECTRUM at ITC, to honor a telemetry pioneer, MYRON HIRAM NICHOLS, and to improve the visibility and presence of the ICTS and the ITC.

Nichols Award Criteria

Nichols Awards History

Myron Hiram Nichols Background