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 +===== About ICTS =====
 +The ICTS was formed in 1999 and is chartered under the sponsorship of the [[http://​​|International Foundation for Telemetering (IFT)]]. The IFT ([[http://​​|]] ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the professional and technical interests of the telemetering community.Over the past few years, several factors within and external to the telemetering community have resulted in a change in the way the electromagnetic spectrum is viewed. These factors include:
 +  * Commercial Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum utilization is increasing rapidly and this trend is expected to continue
 +  * Real-time data and video telemetry is critical to the economic viability of the commercial aeronautical industry,
 +  * Frequency bands used for telemetry have been reallocated for other use and continue to be at risk of reallocation
 +  * Telemetry data rates are increasing, thereby increasing the RF bandwidth needed for each mission
 +  * We are caught between a rock (telemetry demand is increasing) and a hard spot (less spectrum is available for telemetry.
 +===== ICTS Objectives =====
 +The purpose of the ICTS is to establish an international information exchange of telemetry practitioners to promote the benefits and enhancement of electromagnetic spectrum for telemetering applications.
 +In this endeavor, the main objectives of the ICTS are to:
 +  * Create a forum for information exchange on potential telemetry spectrum issues;
 +  * Better inform national, regional, and international spectrum managers of the importance of telemetry to their economy and security;
 +  * Inform and invite open participation in the group to all telemetry practitioners,​ including government, industry, academia, etc.;
 +  * Share information on the use, research, and development of new technologies for improving the use of telemetry spectrum.
 +  * Prepare members for World Radio-Communications Council agenda items affecting the telemetry community.